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Senior Social Strategist, Social Lab

Senior Social Strategist, Social Lab

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Social.Lab applies Direct Marketing principles to Social Media. We leverage the reach and targeting power of social platforms through proprietary processes, methodologies and tools to make social content more relevant/more engaging, insure it gets traction, and assure it drives results - from awareness to sales. In the US, we strengthen Ogilvy with in-depth social platform expertise in - Consumer engagement (including audience development, awareness & impact campaign) - Social CRM campaigns - Social Performance campaigns Social Lab has a headcount of 75 and offices in 5 markets: Belgium, France, Netherland, UK and US. We manage campaigns in 70 markets. We are part of WPP since Dec 2013. In NY, Social.Lab is embedded within Ogilvy and functions seamlessly with other disciplines. At Social.Lab Group, portfolio of client includes: IBM, Philips, IKEA, Nestlé, L’Oréal, Ferrero, BMW, Mini, Aetna, E*TRADE, European Parliament, WWF, British Telecom,… 


Role Senior Strategists work on a specific portfolio of brands. Through a strong understanding of social platforms they take an active role in all aspects of a social project—identifying brand’s issues, running competitive benchmark, forming recommendation, building architecture of programs, drafting the budget, defining the drivers of performance and the KPI’s framework. Senior Strategists are experts in understanding how social platforms can be leveraged not as a broadcast media but narrowcast, in designing engaging experience through insights, technologies and expertise, with a constant testing/learning approach. Senior Strategists design social media strategies that combines the reach of social platforms, deep audience segmentation, a strong and ongoing integration of content and targeting, robust testing approach based on conversion tracking and learning and optimization techniques to generate business results. Senior Strategists advocate for the right set of actions on social platforms to implement a strategy and help create the necessary consensus within both the internal client team and the client's organization to achieve results. They work closely with the client team to continuously improve the thinking, direction of the strategy, and recommended programs and tactics. Social Strategist understands how Social Media platforms (FB, TW, LK, YT,..) are organized and maintains a strong relationship with the different platforms ‘lead for his portfolio of brand. He activates the social media partner when needed (Nielsen studies, need of specific data,…) 


  • Social Strategists translate business objectives into social media objectives, enriched by proprietary benchmarks (best content/format, CPM/CTR/CPA in category,…).
  • Social Strategists analyze available insights and define overall Strategy in terms of Distribution and Amplification. This may include competitive analysis. They select Platform and define role and objective of each one in the global plan.
  • Social Strategists define content amplification principles including segmentation and contextualization approach.
  • They map all distribution segments per platform and associate budget needed based on KPI/objectives.
  • S/He recommends the format and placement to be leveraged based on the objectives of the campaign taking into consideration the budget limitation.
  • S/He defines the right advertising pressure to put in place to achieve the goals taking into consideration the budget limitation.
  • They define the general tagging strategy, based on client requirements, including conversion tracking, page level conversion rate (funnel conversion), and reengagement of people that did not convert with specific messages based on their last stage in the conversion funnel,
  • They also define the general approach to custom targeting by identifying the data available that can be leveraged to develop unique targeting based on client knowledge/databases.
  • As with any other digital acquisition/retention channel, social permits to precisely measure response rates, and easily test which formats, and creative options, drive the best returns.
  • Social Strategists integrate in their strategies A/B testing and messaging matrix based on multiple targeting.
  • Social Strategists prepare/present necessary reporting for client/agency senior stakeholder distribution, based on drivers of performance and the KPI’s framework designed in its Strategy.
  • Social Strategists are responsible of evaluation of execution resources needed and of drafting budget.
  • Senior Strategist will cover different business opportunities 1. Consumer engagement/ audience development (Distribution & Amplification) Senior Strategist will design strategies and architectures that focus on the amplification of content (on relevant social platforms) to the right audience. The key objectives are Awareness & Impact with reach, views and engagement being the main KPIs SL doesn’t create content (SL may adapt creative work into social objects). SL does not operate community management. This Distribution and Amplification expertise is leveraged on a campaign basis or as always-on strategies, plugged in newsrooms Ogilvy creates for brands. 2. Social CRM Social is a key additional component to CRM’ strategies. Social Strategist will be expert in understanding/leveraging how recent developments in Social platforms targeting capabilities provide organizations with the opportunity to connect with their customers or prospects like never before. Including how Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest accurately connect them with their target market by crossreferencing customer data with their databases to dramatically reduce waste compared to traditional digital advertising. Social Expert fully understands the ability to take customer profile information (from CRM) and overlay that with their social graph data (based on demographics, interests or behaviors) to provide a wealth of information that if used smartly by businesses can create opportunities to connect with existing customers or attract new customers.
  • Social Expert will leverage SL proprietary tools to map client database segments to Facebook users to understand the broad array of attributes that index high for these audiences, helping multi-dimensionalize audiences and better understand how they can be hypertargeted through social channels. 3. Performance through Social platforms Senior Strategist will design strategies that focus on retention/acquisition objectives with sales, subscriptions, app download, etc being the main KPIs. Profile We are looking for a Senior Strategist with a strong background in social and digital media.


  • Understanding of client’s business and marketing goals
  • Participate in development of multi-layer social engagement plans with a focus on paid and earned media
  • Work closely with clients and account/strategy teams to leverage research and analyze social data and weave relevant insights into engagement strategies - Develop, lead and present strategic recommendations
  • Manage optimization of ongoing social media program strategy
  • Develop content for client workshops - Help with new business pitches when needed
  • Start to manage and mentor junior staff when appropriate
  • Author POVs and white papers on various topics - Participate to event in the sector (conference, forum, task force,..)
  • Understand how Social Media Platforms are organized and maintain relationship with them (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,..)
  • Identify key contact at Social Media platforms and maintain relationship. As Senior Strategists gain skills and confidence, they will be asked to manage bigger problems and a greater number of clients, and play an expanded leadership role on client service teams. Senior Strategists are expected to expand their knowledge of social platforms while continuing to build their team and client leadership skills.
  • The ideal candidate for Senior Social Strategist would have the following background:
  • 2-5 years experience in social marketing, with proven examples of strategies developed for well-known brands in the social media space
  • Strategically strong. Understands the client’s business and is able to connect business challenges and social strategy/tactics.
  • Expert in understanding of social media and established understanding of the wider digital communications landscape
  • Passionate about quickly-evolving digital/social media environment with a strong POV to share with clients and colleagues
  • Research skills, with the ability to generate data-based insights to weave into the strategy process
  • Ability to work effectively, proactively and seamlessly amongst an integrated agency team
  • Superior communication, organizational, and time management skills - Proven ability to independently manage multiple priorities in a fast paced and deadline driven environment
  • Eye for innovation and the next emerging platform or partner to consider as part of a social strategy results
  • Candidate must have data analytical skills and spreadsheet capabilities; can build detailed business case/ROI modeling
  • Candidate must demonstrate: a proven track record of social consulting engagements that produced positive business results; a portfolio of strong brands and/or industry breadth or depth; and a deep knowledge of business and social. - Candidate must have experience collaborating closely with key decision influencers (e.g. external technology/service partners, internal cross-functional team of Brand Planners, Creative Directors, Engineers, Account Directors, Analysts, and other digital experts), in order to pool relevant knowledge and skills to recommend industryleading social marketing solutions
  • Applying social/digital media in your own life – please include links to your relevant social media spaces.
  • Previous experience in social oriented agency preferred